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Free crochet patterns

On my blog are many free patterns. You can click on the photos below to go to the individual patterns. If you have a Kindle or iPad: you can download most of the patterns as 1 big e-book:

Download the iPad edition (ePub)

Little nurse free Amigurumi doll pattern

gift bag free crochet pattern
free amigurumi crochet pattern
Free amigurumi valentine pattern
Free amigurumi key cozy pattern

Tuzki free Amigurumi rabbit pattern

Some of these free patterns have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch:

Patrones en español

Schemi gratuiti in italiano

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Cissi said...

My name is Cissi and I have one of the most visisted amigurumi pattern blogs in Sweden. I translate and publish English patterns on my blog as a free service for Swedish crocheter. I would like to translate your pattern Pink Rabbit Monster Witch and put it on my blog. One of my visitors as asked me to. Of cause I put your name on it and a link back to you blog. You are welcome to visit my blog at . I have already got permission from Lion Brand, Roman sock blog and Suncatcher eyes.
I hope you will give me permission to publish your pattern.


Sayjai said...

Hi Cissi
You can translate the free pattern. Please keep the copyright notice with it and as you said a link plus my name (Sayjai of K and J Dolls) as a designer.
I like your blog a lot: it's very nice what you do :)
Have a nice day.

anna said...

You have some of the most amazing patterns that I have seen. I just got the winnie the pooh gang and they are wonderful. I have a friend and she loves the amigurumi patterns and they will be her birthday present. Since I have found your site I am sure we will be getting more.

Joanna said...

hi..I like crocheting too since 3years ago.. I'm still a students and only get to learn by myself especially only can referring to the books..really happy that i found your site..hope that u still can share with us about any of your knitting stuff..thanks a lot..have a nice day~^^

kat said...

hi i really like your patterns.. i made a tuzki and now i'm making the red devil.. i made some small adjustments to your pattern so that they will be easier for me and a little smaller :D pictures of tuzki are posted in my facebook account.. thanks for sharing your great patterns! hope to see more :)

.x.Kadrice.x. said...

Thank you very much for making these patterns. It's because of you I've started crocheting again and I have improved a lot ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello I am looking for a crochet pattern for a Ben 10 doll He is a cartoon on cartoon network. My mom can crochet but we can not find a pattern for one would you beable to help me with this? My e-mail is Thank You !