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Sayjai's Amazing Crochet Pattern Collection

The crochet patterns which I published over the years for free, have been collected into an e-book. The e-book is available for free on:

and many other e-book stores. (I will add more links here when they come available).

If you have difficulty downloading the e-book from above sites. You can also download them here from my blog:

You can also find these patterns here on my blog.

p.s. people complained they could not download it from You can download the Kindle version here from my blog.

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Susan Trumblay said...

Thank you SO much for sharing your patterns. They are SO cute. I crochet things for children's Hospital Wards, and They would just adore these little cuties! I can not wait to get the patterns and begin making them.

I also, want to try to make "Huggy Blankies" using these, using just the hean and arms . . . That is a thought - why not put a few "Huggy Blankies" patterns on your site?

Susan in Texas