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Baby Cat and Mouse Crochet Pattern: Free Amigurumi Giveaway

The Baby Cat and Mouse crochet pattern will be free for 2 days on Amazon. This is a special promotion by Amazon. The pattern's normal price is $4.99. It's only for today and tomorrow (September the 1st and 2nd 2013). You can download the pattern for free on Amazon.

This free promotion has already past!

Here is a complete list of all Amazon country sites which sell the pattern:
This is a Kindle pattern download. You need a iPad, smartphone, Kindle, PC or laptop to read the pattern. Amazon has Kindle software for most. Enjoy the pattern :)


Uniami said...

Adorei! (I love it)
Thank you soooo much.

Carrie said...

Thank you! How cute!

ÖRGÜÇANTAM-Hatice yazıcı said...

so cute,süper:)