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Cat and Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I'v finished yesterday a new Amigurumi crochet pattern: a cat with mice. This crochet pattern is available for the Kindle on and Amazon UK.

You can make the cat and mouse bigger or smaller than the dolls on the photos, without changing the patterns. The Cat is about 7.5 inches/ 18.5 cm high standing (excluding ears). The Mouse is 2.5 inches/ 6.5 cm long (excluding tail). The size of the dolls depend on the size of the crochet hook, thickness of yarn and how you stuff them; a bigger hook and thicker yarn make a bigger doll, a doll stuffed tightly is bigger than a loosely stuffed doll.

The pattern is an e-book for the Amazon Kindle. Don't have a Kindle? Amazon has software to read Kindle e-books on your iPad, Samsung Galaxy or any other computer, tablet or smartphone.

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