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Looking for Translators

I'm looking for translators for my crochet patterns: French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, any language. I'd like to start with more French translations.

If you are a native speaker, like patterns and have an eye for detail: please contact me on kandjdolls @

The translations will be done for a large part by a computer program. This program has to be taught first how to translate US abbreviations into another language. For this a table exists with on the right common US crochet terms and on the left the translation.

Once the computer program has finished it's far from perfect: your job would be to translate the title and any text the translator could not do. Usually the descriptions on how to do the hair would be translated by you.

Sometimes I would ask you to make the doll to see if the final translation is 100% correct.

If you are interested then get in touch with me: kandjdolls @


Amarilis said...

Hola soy Amarilis

Me gustaria poder ayudarte a traducir los patrones del Inglés al Español.
Si estás interesada ponte en contacto conmigo a través de mi blog.


Hello I am Amarilis
I wish I could help you translate from English to Spanish patterns.
If you are interested please contact me through my blog.

Chela said...

Hi Sayjai,

I love your dolls, you are very talented!!

I am sending you an email right now


Claudia Watkins said...

I sent you an email for portuguese translations...

Anonymous said...

I saw that you are looking for translator in Chinese , I am interesting in this if I can do that on line because I am living in Hong Kong . I am also crocheting doll and I follow your pattern to crochet the pink doll.(see the attached file) I am good at Crochet term and everything else about crocheting.

Greenpixey said...

I can help you with Swedish translation. Gonna send you an email now x

Haydee Douglas said...

Sayjai: Hi, I am interested in the translation and the make of your dolls from English to Spanish

Ceetje said...

I can translate from English in Dutch.
You can contact me on
Kind regards

M.E. I said...


I see you already have all you could get for translation
so no more needed..:D

Sayjai said...

We're looking for Portuguese translators and perhaps also other languages