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Bella the Ballerina Crochet Pattern on Sale

<This promotion has already past!>

The Bella the Ballerina pattern is on Sale for $0.99 at and From the 25th until the 31st of July 2012.


Anonymous said...


i really love your patterns but why arren't they for sale on etsy? i can't buy at the other shops:S

greetings thessa

Sayjai said...


The sale is just to promote the Kindle patterns. Kindle patterns cannot be printed out like PDF patterns so it's not the same. Also on Etsy I have to send each PDF pattern myself. So I don't discount on Etsy.

with kind regards


Anonymous said...

oww does it means that they are in a epub file?

greetings thessa

Sayjai said...

On Amazon it's for the Amazon Kindle e-Reader only. (You can get Kindle software for iPad, Android, PC's). It is similar to ePub.

For the ePub visit: Smashwords.

Bella Ballerina on Smashwords

(It should be soon on iTunes and Barnes&Noble as well)