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Bella the Ballerina Crochet Pattern on Sale

<This promotion has already past!>

The Bella the Ballerina pattern is on Sale for $0.99 at and From the 25th until the 31st of July 2012.


Anonymous said...


i really love your patterns but why arren't they for sale on etsy? i can't buy at the other shops:S

greetings thessa

Sayjai Amigurumi said...


The sale is just to promote the Kindle patterns. Kindle patterns cannot be printed out like PDF patterns so it's not the same. Also on Etsy I have to send each PDF pattern myself. So I don't discount on Etsy.

with kind regards


Anonymous said...

oww does it means that they are in a epub file?

greetings thessa

Sayjai Amigurumi said...

On Amazon it's for the Amazon Kindle e-Reader only. (You can get Kindle software for iPad, Android, PC's). It is similar to ePub.

For the ePub visit: Smashwords.

Bella Ballerina on Smashwords

(It should be soon on iTunes and Barnes&Noble as well)