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Bee, Ladybug and Flowers Pattern on Discount

<This promotion has already past!>

The pattern for the Bee, Ladybug and Flowers is now on discount for around $1. This sale lasts until the 17th of June.

You can buy the pattern for $1on,, iTunes, WHSmith, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.
Disclaimer: This discount does not apply to the PDF version on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy. Which are sold for the original price ($5.99).

E-book Formats Available:
  1. On Amazon the pattern is a Kindle e-book. You need a Kindle e-reader or Kindle software to read it. Amazon Kindle patterns cannot be printed.
  2. On iTunes, Barnes and Noble, WHSmith and Kobo the pattern is an ePub. Which can be read on an iPad, Nook, Kobo reader or with software like Adobe Digital Editions. These patterns can be printed.

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