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Devellish Beauty

My daughter got this little red devil to keep the bigger one company. Now she likes to have a mummy devil and a girl devil as well :) A little devillish family. The pattern for the big devil is available on this blog.

I ordered this Blythe doll from Japan and she arrived today. In March I hope to design clothes and accessories for this doll. She is very stylish. If you like to know more about Blythe Dolls:  go to Wikipedia.


Unknown said...

Can you please tell me the website that you ordered the Blythe doll from? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hello can you please tell me from where you ordered the Blythe doll? Thank you and I really love your blog!!

Sayjai said...

I bought Blythe doll from ebay. I chose the Japanese shop even the price was more expensive. The import VAT and clearance fee were very expensive (UK).