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Little nurse

Free doll crochet pattern

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 Andrea Gaida made the cute doll below with the Little Nurse pattern:


gwengoods said...

Cute, thank you for the pattern!

Creazioni Emanuela.D said...

ciao da emanuela i tuoi capolavori sono molto belli

Shelle Hendrix said...

too cute! thanks for sharing. I will add you to my favorites on Etsy. ;)


julie said...

Oh, FINALLY a cute nurse pattern for FREE, I've been looking for years!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

Sayjai said...

Updated the pattern: in body Rnd 4 added to change the color to creme.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness this is so cute! I'm definitely making one for my mom (who is a nurse)!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I am so hospital-phobic but this is just superb! :) Wish I could crochet, or that there was a knitted version... ;)