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Tiny Kitty: Free pattern

Pattern is no longer available.

Pattern designed by Jaimai and translated by Sayjai (K and J Dolls).

Many thanks to Jaimai for being so kind to allow me to translate Tiny Kitty. Jaimai's Thai blog:

  • 3.00 mm hook
  • 4 ply yarn (white, pink, blue, black and yellow)
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Tapestry needle
  • Black embroidery floss
Update: Unfortunately this pattern is no longer available in English or German. Legal representatives of Sanrio claimed it looks like Hello Kitty. 

This pattern is perhaps still  available in:
- Portuguese (Português) (This translation is on the blog of Erika)
- Dutch (Nederlands) (This translation on the blog of Charlotte)

Samantha (SykoSam on Ravelry) made this beautiful Kitty:

She made the dress longer: she added 3 rows to it. The flower was a magic circle of 6 sc, then ch2, 3dc, 2ch, sl st into each st.

Erika ( made this Hello Kitty:

~ Sayjai ~


Ida said...

Thanx for the pattern :)

paqui said...

Que bonito me encanta tus amigurumis

Idas Höns said...

She's lovely!
/ Ida från Sverige

bioamiti said...

Very nice, how did you traslate it from thay ? can you share any guide ?

Anonymous said...

Lovely pattern! Been looking for one for a long time. I'm going to translate it for my sister into Swedish, would you like it too?

Sayjai said...

Hi Tina
Please go ahead and translate to Swedish. If you publish the Swedish: Please add a clear link at the top of the pattern to both Jaimai's website and Also keep the copyright notice at the bottom.
Have a nice day and good luck with the translation.

cold said...

Love your patterns ideas and the craftsmanship.It is sure creativity and magical work.Where do you sell them?

Sayjai said...

They are being sold on: and on

Also sometimes on e-bay. The links to the shops are to the right of my blog.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Will add link and keep copyright when I translate. Not gotten around to it yet though!

Sayjai said...

To translate from Thai to English you need a reference for the abbreviations.

Example of Jaimai's pattern:

แถว 1 o (v) (x) (2v) (x) (v) c

"แถว" means row.
o = chain
v = increase
x = single crochet
2v = 2 x increase
c = slip stitch

Compare my translations with the original one and you can see what the abbreviations mean.

Sayjai said...

Changed the server where the PDF is stored from Mediafire to Ravelry

Sarahkey said...

I am sorry but I have trouble withthis Tiny Kitty pattern. I think one part is missing. The upper body partt. Or... I am missing something in my pattern. But I do not think so. Please help :)

Sayjai said...

Hi Sarah,

The pattern is complete. The upper body part is included. The body starts in row 5 of "Body and Legs".

Good luck.


Karen said...

How did you crochet the flower for her head?

Sayjai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sayjai said...

Hi Karen,
The flower is not included in the pattern. It is a translation and the original pattern does not include a flower. You can add any flower or decoration you like.
Thank you and have a nice day.
~ Sayjai ~

Sayjai said...

Updated the pattern (but the pattern is still the same). Split legs and body in 2 seperate paragraphs. Added a line that the flower on her head is not included in this pattern

NATHALIE said...

could i have the translation in french.......thanks

Sayjai said...

Hi Natalie,

We do not know anyone to translate this in French. Perhaps one day in the future.

Have a nice day.

~ Sayjai ~

Carla said...

This is so cute, thank you for the pattern.

Sushe said...

It's lovely! But I find it hard to understand the pattern in English. A previous writer said she would translate it to Swedish, please say you have done it!

Sayjai said...

Hi Tina,

If you have the Swedish translation then please send it to me and I'll publish it on this blog. (Sorry! Did not read your posting correct. Thought you had a blog yourself). Your posting is a long time ago and I hope you will read this.

To Sushe: I do not have Tina's e-mail address and did not get the Swedish translation.


handysandy said...

Thank you and Sayjai; thank yoy both for sharring the pattern. You can see my Hello Kitty on my dutch blog: http;// Regards from Holland, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Thank you for kindly sharing this translated pattern with us!
Would you allow me to translate your translation to Dutch?


Sayjai said...

Hi Charami,

Please translate it to Dutch. Make sure you link to this blog and to Jaimai's blog. Let me know when it is translated and I link to your blog.

Have a nice day.


Xin-Xin said...

thanks for sharing the pattern.. im making a few in time for christmas.. hehe thanks again..

Anonymous said...


My translation to Ducth is finished and posted. You can see it here:


polin said...

This is really cute and I really want to make it. Too bad the english version is not anymore available. :(

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOO cute!!!! Seriously no english pattern :(:( why :(((((( tear!

Anonymous said...

Do i turn the work after a CH 1? please help! thanks :)

Unknown said...

Hello there ! I was wondering if you could send me the pattern of that cute little hello kitty you had to take away. I tried by myself but I'm going crazy...

Anonymous said...

Why is it that I can enter this page, and many others, but I see no patter? Where does it stand how to make this? all I see is that I have to use number 3, and the colours white, yellow, black, blue and pink yarn. I don't see the rest.. Where is it? :p

Please help.

Sayjai said...

The pattern is not available in English. Sorry! It says so clearly in the post by the way.

PaisleyMouse said...

Such a shame that you are no longer able to share the pattern in English. I have been searching for a kitty pattern and this is the best one! Even with google translator I can not understand the translations. If anyone happens to have it I would love to see! <3

karen said...

I have made the head but it seems to big. What is the actual size?

Anonymous said...

Hey, very cute kitty :)

I`d like to know, do you know any english pattern for the dress? It looks like it has ruffle on it, and even though I can make the arigurumi, I`ve never done a body that has a dress.


Anonymous said...

Portuguese? Oh god! Thank you very much! Cute Hello Kitty *O*

Unknown said...

Ich habe mir so gut es geht die portugiesische Anleitung in Deutsch übersetzt, bis auf die Schleife habe ich alles glaube ich richtig verstanden, bei der Schleife kann man eh improvisieren.

I have translated the portuguese in German by myself, I hope I have understood all well, besides of the loop, this I have to crochet by my own mind :)

Unknown said...

Ich habe mir so gut es geht die portugiesische Anleitung in Deutsch übersetzt, bis auf die Schleife habe ich alles glaube ich richtig verstanden, bei der Schleife kann man eh improvisieren.

I have translated the portuguese in German by myself, I hope I have understood all well, besides of the loop, this I have to crochet by my own mind :)

Sayjai said...


Good luck Sarah.

Please note that you cannot publish translations of my pattern without permission. Though this is not my pattern: I translated it from Thai. In this case: please ask the original Thai designer first.

with kind regards


Unknown said...

Hello Sayjai,
thank you :)

no, the translation is not for publishing, it's only for me and my own work :)

But I only want to tell the people that this is not that hard to translate by yourself, as it is an crochet pattern and the stitches are nearly always the same if you have understand the first few lines :)

Good luck at all.. this is a really nice pattern for this kitty... my opinion ---> it's the best pattern :)

Best Regards

Unknown said...

Carr 1
4 race,
2PB in the second race,
1bp in the next race,
1 corr (2PB in the next en)
1 dc in next pt,
2 pbjuntos,
dimin 2PB together

what the abbreviations mean
> carr
> race
> PB & bp
> corr
> pt
> pbx
> pbjuntos
> dimin

please help...
my email :

Sayjai said...

I guess this is from the Portuguese pattern? Better ask the translator...