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Free pattern: "Pink Rabbit Monster"

I was making a monster for my pattern shop K and J Dolls. My children said they liked the “rabbit”. Is it a monster or rabbit? I do not know but it is very cute.Is anybody interested in the pattern? It's almost finished. If so leave a comment and I will finish the pattern and post it. It's not finished yet so it will take a week or so to finish.


K4TT said...

OMGawsh this is adorable!!!
Thank you so very much for sharing this pattern with the world!
I am putting a link to your blog on my blog - once people are able to see how amazingly easy to understand all your patterns are - your etsy store is gonna be HOPPIN.. lol


Anonymous said...

Love those feet! Sure I'd be interested in obtaining a pattern for such a cool unusual rabbit amigurumi ^.^