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Bunnies, free Amigurumi crochet pattern

These little bunnies are from my Cushie and Friends book. This pattern I make available for free. You can make the bunnies in different sizes by using a different yarn and hook. They are very quick and easy to make.

The pattern is available as a free download from:

My apologies: the pattern is at the moment not free on Amazon. It was free, but Amazon put the price in March 2018 to 2 US$. I do apologise and am looking at how to resolve this with my distributors. On the other websites it is still free.

The pattern has been translated into the following languages:


Yarncrazy said...

Love the rabbits but the Ravelry link isn’t working

Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen said...

Thank you: I fixed the Ravelry link

Yarncrazy said...

Brilliant - thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Tengo comprado el patron del mono desde 2016. Lo compre en amazon y no puedo ver nada. Podria ayudarme???'
Nuria Garrido - España

Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen said...

Lo siento por los inconvenientes ocasionados. Por favor contacte a Amazon. Su servicio al cliente es muy bueno y pueden ayudarte.

2Catholics said...

Love these. Thanks so very much!!