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Huggy Monkey

This cute monkey was finished last weekend. It's 16" tall (40 cm). It's a great doll for children to play with. It's available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Kobobooks and soon on iTunes. You need an iPad, Kindle or other e-reader to read the pattern. (Or download the Kindle e-reader software and read the pattern on your computer). I'm making a snowman, gingerbread man and Santa as well. Maybe a moose too. 


Unknown said...

Que simpático, very good

Poekie said...

Sooooooo cute! :)

Crochet Girl said...

very very cute!!!
perfect!!!!! hope to see much more :-)

Unknown said...

Love it!!! I bought this Huggy Monkey, Bunny & Cat this week and can't wait to start.... Please make Huggy large Dog, Pony, and Dolphin. Kids like these animals.... I bought all the little 3in animals one too on Amazon. Thank you so much!!! Lan avera