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Crochet Patterns on Amazon Kindle

One of my crochet patterns is now in the Kindle Store: Little Babies pattern. Below is a screenshot from the Amazon Store.

The pattern price on Amazon varies per country: from 9.19$ in Spain to 5.99$  in the U.S.  The VAT and other Amazon charges differ per country. It's an experiment. The Kindle is clearly a reading devide: the text of the pattern is very good readable. The photos are in black and white. I did not include all photos: it is an easy pattern and photos are not really needed. The text is very clear. Will upload a few free patterns in the coming week to Amazon.


K4TT said...

I just checked it out - very cool!!
And I am showing a digital list price of 5.99 so It's all good :)
Congratulations!! I knew you would go far - from that first doll I bought from you wayyyy back when.. lol

Sayjai said...

Cannot upload free patterns to the Kindle store. Only big publishers can. I will list the free paterns for 0.99$. The first one is listed and takes a few days for Amazon to approve.